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Cammino does have a new web page

Cammino, the Italian cable brand, upgraded its web pages. A huge step forward in the quality of the information delivered. We are amazed by the new look and the promised information content.
Feel free to have a look and... should You wish to test some Cammino products, feel free to contact us.

 Cammino web page

Back to Blogger

After some times spent with another blogging platform, today we come back to Blogger. We will be much more reachable and easy to find. Thanks to Marc to have made it possible with its Blogspot Stack for Rapidweaver.

Renewing the Web Pages

Spring is a renovation time, our business increased and our product portfolio developed further in the analogue domain. For this reason our web pages became more and more clumsy and nothing but just a list of brands. It was time to spend a little bit more effort to permit our customer to find the relevant information with ease... even if this needs one click longer, it bears lot more content it is open to bear lot more information and suggestions for the dealers and the final customers.
We appreciate feedback.

Renewing the Web Pages

Product Pages

It is a long shot, but it is a start and we start with Hegel. We will add dedicated product pages, where we will add some content and information about the products we do have in distribution. Collecting useful links to reviews, videos and whatever we think is worth about the brands.

Hegel Product Pages

New News

Armadillo News

We are moving in direction of a self hosted news system. Our choice went to Armadillo from Nimblehost. In a few days all older content will be transferred in the new platform. We are sure to offer a big improvement in the way the news will be handled and shared.

A new web page for

Starting today there is a new web page for
We hope You like it and You find it more and more informative!
We have plans to add lots of features and information for our customers. If You should have any suggestion or any question, do not hesitate to contact the webmaster or me.